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Vincent Romo graduated from the University of California, San Diego and has been programming since the age of 14. He started out with Visual Basic and proprietary video game scripting, and eventually moved on to more powerful languages such as C and Java. He is very interested in Android development, and has developed several Android applications in his spare time.

During his time as a student, he worked as a tutor for the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UCSD. He tutored for several classes; ranging from Compiler Construction to Intro to Java and OO Programming. He really enjoys helping fellow students by clarifying computer science concepts so that they can enjoy it as much as it should be.

He previously completed successful internships with Amazon Lab126 and Cisco Systems, where he worked with technologies such as benchmarking tools, Android, Chrome, and WebRTC.

During the summer of 2013, he was selected as a Google Scholar.

He loves learning new things; no matter what the subject may be. He is very self-driven and chose software development as a career not just because he really enjoys it, but because it requires you to keep learning.

He has worked at Amazon, Google, and [currently] LinkedIn/Microsoft.