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STUQ is a web application that facilitates the process of providing students with getting the help they need, transforming the traditional white-board sign up system by keeping statistics on the types of problems student have. This allows teaching staff to alter their lectures and discussion sections to better fit the needs of the students.

The project is currently being developed by a group of students at the University of California, San Diego and is currently being used in several courses within the Computer Science and Engineering department.

While you have to be enrolled into a participating course in order to use STUQ, you can learn more about stuq at


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Convene makes finding friends to do things with easy. Most social applications keep you online and at a distance. Convene takes a step in the opposite direction, bringing friends together to do what ever may be of interest to them. Hiking, watching a movie, or simply getting a bite to eat.

Convene aims to make the process as easy as possible, removing the barriers and overhead of finding friends and socializing. By integrating with Facebook, you're connected to your friends as soon as you log in. Displayed content is kept relevant by showing you only content that is geographically and temporally. You shouldn't have to waste your time with things that no longer matter.

Convene is still in its early stages of being developed. If you're interested in trying it out, please check it out HERE. Or click on Google Play logo in the top right corner to go download it.


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MapJav is an app that let friends review places of interest, locate friends on a map (Google Maps), and add relevant images for their friends (or everyone) to see. It encourages meet-ups by notifying users when a friend has come within a close vicinity to them, and facilitates communication to bring them together by integrating Google chat.

MapJav never made it to being release. It was a project that let me learn new technologies like OAuth and Google integration. Much of the features will probably be absorbed into Convene when time permits.

Blocks With Friends

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Blocks With Friends is a variant of the popular classic "Tetris", and was my first application I made for Android. I wanted to make an Android application, but was unsure what my first application should be. After much thought, I decided I wanted to make a multi-player tetris game. The game was not meant to be something ground-breaking, but mainly a way for me to learn the Android SDK. I coded most of the functionality while visiting my family in LA, but did not end up finishing the multi-player portion of the game.

Sorry! This game is now unpublished due to how out of date it was. It was fun while it lasted, but I decided to spend my time on other applications.